Making The Decision To Change

Every day you rub your eyes at the blare of the alarm clock, plod to the bathroom to wash up, grab a “quick bite,” like a Powerbar or a piece of toast slathered with butter, and head out the door. Maybe you drive to work. Maybe you dream-walk to the subway while downing a 400 calorie frappuccino.  Maybe you ride a bike, and if you do you probably don’t need to read this blog. But eventually, everyone, even you, slump into a chair, usually black, switch on the computer, stare into the brightness and wonder for a moment what happened to you.

You used to have energy. You used to have ideas. You used to know how to sing, dance, clap your hands and really mean it. But you’ve sat at this desk for five, ten, fifteen, twenty years. And yes, maybe the desk has changed position, or maybe it has gained a view of treetops, or has lost some privacy, but you’ve sat for most of your life. Occasionally you wonder what it would feel like to step away from that chair, that screen, that sameness. But then, as so many of us have said, leaving that desk would be scary, unthinkable, irresponsible, flakey, because everyone needs a paycheck. Everyone needs a home. Everyone needs to feel wanted. But then everyone also has a heartbeat, one that needs to be looked after. There are only so many heartbeats–only so many minutes. And if your LDL is high, your HDL low, your blood pressure through the roof, your weight climbing beyond what you thought possible, well. You need to read this blog, take what it has to offer, and run for your life.

Where will this blog take you? On a journey whose aim is to bring healthy living back into your daily experience. Health is not all or nothing. It doesn’t require that you give up your paycheck. It simply requires that you prioritize, find inner resolve, and use self-control. It’s all about making the right decision, right now.

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